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High Ollie Comp Results

01 Jul

Sorry we missed the contest in Lawton, OK on the 26th, someone remind us next time. Congrats to Dakota Camp for winning!

know the High Ollie Comp occurred almost 2 weeks ago and we are just now posting the results! WTF! Anyways here are some pics from the event.

We want to thank all of our suppliers who helped sponsor this event:

Black Box Dist, South Shore Dist, DNA Dist, Skate One, and Sole Tech

Dakota Camp

Josh Waters with his mega pop. He didn't win, but ended up landing a 33" ollie along with Austin Flipiak after the comp was over.

Pudu with the wiinning ollie - 32" $100 in his pocket!

Brian from Bison Skateboards taking 2nd in the game of S.K.A.T.E.

Pudu with his 1st place High Ollie winnings!

Dakota 1st place in the game of S.K.A.T.E.

Brian took 2nd in S.K.A.T.E.

Frank took third in S.K.A.T.E.

Happy New Year!

22 Feb

Alabama Chris skating where few have! Switch Blunt Nollie Flip back in!

Dakota 5-0's between the poles

Absolutely the coolest guy in town - AUSTIN If you come across this guy be sure to challenge him in a game of skate!

Dakota Feeble Grinds the infamous Gap 2 Rail

Dakota going Postal!

Happy New Year!

31 Dec

Deviance will be CLOSED FRIDAY JANUARY 1st!

We will RE-OPEN SATURDAY @ 12:00pm!

Come by and take advantage of our SHOE SALE! Select styles will only be $20

Here are a few pics from some recent sessions.

Clint Walker Blunt 2 Fakie on the SKi-BOARD

Alabama Chris Nose Grinds the Old High rail!

Mike - Fronside Flip

Dakota Crail on the mini

Dakota Backside Tail

Frontside Air...

Tomorrows the big day!

26 Nov

Deviance decks will only be $25 w/ grip on Friday! Join the MADNESS!

Deviance Closed

24 Nov

Thanksgiving is almost here and Deviance will be closed that day – Thursday Nov 26th. We will open up Friday @ 10:00am!

Deviance decks will only be $25 w/ grip on Friday the 27th!

Its only gonnna be this price for 1 day so come take advantage of it! Maybe get some other Christmas gear while your here too instead of buying it from some corporate assholes like H _ _ _ _ _ _ S or CCS!

Try supporting your local shop this year!

Congrats to Clint Walker for getting second in the Damn Am contest that went down October 25th. Clint also won the best trick contest with a 5-0 grind down the handrail with a kickflip out! WTF!

Check the footage out HERE or keep on eye out for it on FUEL!

Dakota airwalks the church gap! One more down.


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