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New In Stock

05 Nov

New DEVIANCE wheels and decks will be in stock just in time for Christmas. Here is a sneak peak at the new graphics.

NEW VIDEOS IN STOCK: Fallen Ride the Sky, and the Girl/Anti-Hero Beauty and the Beast !

Shoes Now In Stock!

Lots of styles to choose from, so drop by Deviance and get a pair today

We also want to congratulate Clint Walker, who is now getting product from Dekline Shoes, Sabre Sunglasses and Toy Machine Skateboards, and good luck with his and Dirty’s recent move to California.

Clint has a couple of tricks in the 2008 Volcom Damn Am Finals video via

Falls Fest Skate Jam Photos

04 Nov

Here are a few pics from the recent FALLS FEST skate jam. Thanks to all of those who showed up and supported this.

Anthony Brunson Switch Heel Flips The Barrier

Travis Felty Kickflip to Fakie

Tray with a Front Shuv

Terrence Marsh Blast A Huge Shifty

Colby and his Pole Jam abilities

Anthony B. Front Blunt

Anthony Back Nose Blunts the Box

Scott Edgerton with the Switch Krooks

Anthony P. and a Melon!


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