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National Go Skateboarding Day

23 Jun

Here are some pics from our trip to Altus, OK for National Go Skateboarding Day. It was a very very HOT day, but we all managed to have a great time and helped raise money to add new additions to the Altus skatepark.

The Champ with a Front Feeble

Brian with a Tre Flip

Travis with a Nose Grab

Nose Grind from Lil Jon

Terrence with a Backside 270 alley oop

Hunter with a Frontside Flip

The crew...

Check out the Altus skatepark

Bison Skateboards Skate Jam

16 Jun

Bison Skateboards is hosting a SKATE JAM / COMP this weekend, Sunday June 21, in Altus, OK at the NEWLY UPDATED Missile Park Skatepark located on Navajo & Katie.

There is going to be a game of S.K.A.T.E. and a BEST TRICK COMP along with some good ‘ole BBQ. Should be a good time!

Everything will kick off at 12:00pm!


14 Jun

Thank you everybody who came out and participated in the comp yesterday. Even though it was very hot out, unorganized, and the turnout was light we all managed to have a good time (I think).

Getting ready to start the beginner session.

Bobby Boyd getting his grab on.

Gearing up for the Advanced session.

Congrats to Terrence Marsh, winner of the advanced session.


Beginner: 1. Riley, 2. Alex, 3. Zack

Intermediate: 1. Anthony Pudu, 2. Tanner, 3. Josh Waters

Advanced: 1. Terrence Marsh, 2. Jon, 3. Dakota Camp

Sorry about missing some of the last names.

Falls Town Skate Competetion

07 Jun

The Wichita Falls Skate comp is going down next Saturday, June 13th. The event will start at 10:00am and will go till its over.

Download the registration form here and save yourself some time on Saturday.

If you want to pre register for the event just drop by Deviance before the 13th and sign up!

Deviance will be closed during the contest, but after the contest we willl be open for those needing to get in and get some gear. There may also be a game of S.K.A.T.E.


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