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Walters Second Skateboard Comp

19 May

Skate comp coming up in Walters, Oklahoma.


13 May

Dont forget about the June 13th contest, it coming up quick. TheGuapo team will be here for the event.

High Ollie Challenge

12 May

High Ollie Challenge

Congrats to Herson Segovia with his 29″ winner. He’s took home $100, set of Bones Swiss, Zero wheels, Bones Wax, Bones Skate Dice, Toy Machine deck and more…

We will have another one in about 6 months, so get those leg weights out!

a video of the event is on the way.

Clint Walker is coming up and is this months ROGER OF THE MONTH

Clints got some amazing footage on the site – check it out!


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