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23 Oct
Habitat Origin

Habitat Origin

We just got the new Habitat video Origin in and it is sick and it retails for $14.00! Good deal for a good DVD. Silas Baxter Neal, Austyn Gilette, Danny Garcia, Stefan Janoski, Tim O’Connor, Kerry Getz, Guru Khalsa, Fred Gall, Daryl Angel, and so on… Come by Deviance and pick yours up today.

Deviance Skate Supply will be celebrating our 5th anniversary in November. Take advantage of our sales that will be going on during the month of November. Each week we will be running different specials, so keep checking in here to see whats special deals we will be having during our month long celebration!

Hell Yeah Clint

13 Oct

If you’ve seen any recent skate mags you would know that Clint Walker is coming up in the skate world. Clint is featured in the new Ambiguous ad this month with a gnarly backlip and has a pic in the new Transworld with another gnarly backlip.

Clint Ad

Clint Walker Ad

Congrats to Clint!

You can also check out his welcome video at

Comanche Nation Contest Pics

11 Oct
Despite the COLD wind the Comanche Nation Contest was good event. A lot of people showed up and a lot of good skating went down. Congrats to Dakota Camp who held it down for Deviance and took first in S.K.A.T.E. (18+), Best Trick, and Best Run on the Mini Ramp! Dirty, Josh Waters, and many others threw down some sick tricks.

It Hurts To Be Dead & Culture Crawl

11 Oct

The Culture Crawl was a huge success, so look forward to more of these events happening throughout the year. It Hurts To Be Dead rocked the house !


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